How do we add value to others?

17 March 2022 | 2 min read

I have been looking for answers to the above question, for quite some time and after my search I have found some answers.

Being in technology space there are lot of ways one can add value to others.

Add Value To Others

Image Credit - Photo by Alex Boyd on Unsplash

If we are able to improve the present state of others, by contributing in a variety of ways then I believe we have added value to others.

Present State + K = Elevating Others Present State

So how do we elevate others Present State? Value does not mean to be always in terms of monetary.

  1. We can add value to others when we appreciate others. Small gesture which would create wonders.
  2. We can add value to others when we help team members to grow. The team members can be junior or peers at the same level. Good developer are those who cherish the growth of their team members.
  3. We can add value to others by sharing our learnings. There is no single way to share learnings, it can be through blogs, giving a talk at a meetup, giving a talk at conference or posting content to YouTube. There are numerous ways to share our learnings.
  4. We can add value to others by being around them to support them during difficult times. Letting someone know that you are available to them to talk and support during difficult times will boost their morale.
  5. We can add value to others by using our power/privilege to uplift others by opening doors to opportunities.
  6. We can add value to others by making others unleash their potential by amplifying others to pursue their dream using their hidden talents.
  7. We can add value to others by creating a conducive environment for others to fail without fear and grow from their failures.
  8. We can add value to others by letting them know their strengths and guide them to overcome their weakness using their strengths.
  9. We can add value to others when we share opportunities which come our way due to our privilege to others who needs them more than us, when we don’t need the opportunity.
  10. We can add value to others by mentoring and sponsoring others cause as our own and help them achieve their purpose.

These are not the only steps that we can use to add value to others. We can consider these as starters and these steps are not set on stone. If you have other suggestions feel free to share them with me and I will update this post to include yours.

I personally have enjoyed the coffee chat sessions which I have been doing with #100Devs students. It is great feeling when we add value to #100Devs students by sharing our experiences which is helping them in their learning journey.

When we add value to others it is a special feeling.

If you are interested to join me in this journey, you can share with me how you are adding value to others through a tweet and tagging them to #ValueIndex100.